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Unlike belled end pipe this pipe is the same diameter the entire length of the pipe. PSI – Pounds per Square Inch – a unit of pressure used to describe the maximum recommended pressure to put on a pipe, fitting or valve. PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) – a rigid thermoplastic material that is corrosion and chemical resistant.

PVC cement seals pipe through a chemical reaction that bonds the plastic of one part to another. For a guaranteed seal on a slip fitting, you will need both PVCprimer and PVC cement. The primer softens the inside of the fitting, preparing it to bond, while the cement keeps the two pieces stuck together tight.

If you prefer to measure the outside diameter of PVC pipe:

Take your OD measurement and look in the second or third column (Actual OD) of each table below.

Once you find your pipe OD, look to the left-most column (Pipe Size). This will be the nominal pipe size, or the size of fittings you want to order.

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