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Steel Profiles

We provide a range of profiling jobs for clients in construction or other fields using our industry standard steel and machinery. Our laser, plasma and oxyfuel profiling is just a tiny part of we do for your businesses

Our cutting services can create steel profiled plate up to 20mm thick with only  a 0.4mm tolerance.

HD plasma and oxyfuel cutting are also available, with a cutting range of 8mm – 80mm on mild steels with a +/- 2mm tolerance.


Examples of the types of steel profiles we offer:

• Round and Rectangular Bars

• Parallel Flange Channels (U Shaped)

• Flat Sections

• Tapered Flange Beams (I Shaped)

• Circular/Rectangle/Square Hollow Sections

• Angled Sections (L Shaped)

• Custom Profiles


We offer a wide range of steel profile options across many different industries and we creat profiles for any business that needs them.

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