Dowel Bars

We as KASKO MAKINE offer Epoxy Coated Dowel Bars with high corrosion – resistant quality with Fusion Bonded Epoxy powder applied as per ASTM A775 / 775M – 07b for concrete structure, which is highly resistant to Acid, Alkali, especially the Chloride (mainly Salt) with the required certificates and standards like ISO, BV, SGS, IS, Grade 60 and Grade 250 ASTM A615, ASTM A1078, ASTM A775, 854449, AASSITO M254, ASTM A775 & A775M. The great corrosion resistance of stainless steel bar and Dowel Bars reduce the risk of structural damage due to rust and the costly refurbishment that can arise as a result. The Epoxy Coated Dowel Bars are commonly used for the construction, road and pavement applications, since they can provide high corrosion resistance while being significantly cheaper than stainless steel. The epoxy coated dowel bars are commonly seen as pavement slabs, aggregate interlock and load transfer device in roads and pavements. Dowel bars in jointed plain concrete pavements works as transverse joints which is called transverse joint of concrete pavement. These locking mechanism mainly works as a level equalizer in between pavement slabs. Dowel Bars prevent the concrete slabs to move in Y axis so there will not be a level difference in between them.

Dowel Bar is a smooth round bar which is mainly serving as a load transfer device across the concrete joints. They are placed across to the transverse joints of the concrete pavement to allow movement to take place. Where movement is purposely designed for longitudinal joints, Epoxy coated Dowel Bars can be adopted.

Based on the varied industrial applications, we make available wide range of coated or stainless Dowel Steel Bars that are manufactured in different possible specifications. Dowels Bars are Hot Rolled Plain Round steel bars conforming to ASTM A615 / A615M – 09b Grade 60. We keep rich inventory of Dowel Bars in many different lengths and diameters ready for immediate shipments. Our Dowel Steel Bars are suitable for a variety of pavement and construction applications.


Dowel Bars are used in civil and structural construction for the building of industrial floors and roadways. Dowel Bars are providing a mechanical connection between concrete slabs, and increasing the load transfer efficiency and it is helping to resist cracks within connecting joists.​

Dowel bars are short length steel bars that provide a strong mechanical connection between each slabs without restricting horizontal joint movement. Dowel Bars increase the load transfer efficiency by allowing the leave slab to assume some of the load before the load’s itself is actually over it. This reduces joint deflection and stress in the leave slabs and approach.


Dowel bars are typically from 32 to 38 mm (1.25 to 1.5 inches) in diameter, Length is 460 mm (18 inches) long and space between each bar is 305 mm (12 inches) apart. Specific locations and numbers vary by state, however a usual arrangement might look different than other styles. In order to prevent corrosion, dowel bars are either coated with epoxy or used as stainless steel. Dowel bars are usually inserted at mid – slab depth and coated with a bond – breaking substance to prevent bonding to the PCC. Thus, the dowel bars help transfer the load but allow adjacent slabs to expand and contract independent of one another. Dowel Bars are applied as transverse construction joints.


Dowel Bars are commonly used as epoxy coated steel or stainless steel in airports, highways, work fields, heavy duty areas and constructional places. It supremely decreases the strength of the road especially for the certain and numerous amount of pressures. It helps to the concrete to stay together so it will not break or get apart. Airports’ paths are usually supported by epoxy coated dowel bars so high forces will not harm the path so quickly and it will be in used for a long time without any need of maintenances. The reason of the epoxy coat is to preserve the bar from corrosion, rust and some of outer damages.


In highways everyday millions of cars, trucks and cranes passes through. Roads were needed to be fixed once or twice in every year. Dowel Bars help us to keep roads usable for longer times. It may be seen as a cost, actually, dowel bars help us to save money. Dowel – Bars keep the maintenance needs lesser than usual. Every year, the time has spent during maintenance means a great amount of money loss. So, especially in airports and work fields, dowel bar is a must.


Steel Standard: IS, ASTM A615, ASTM A1078, ASTM A775, 854449, AASSITO M254

Coated Standard: IS, ASTM A775 & A775M

End: Chamfering & Plain Through CNC driven Machine Cut

Grade: ASTM A615 Grade 60, Grade 250

Diameters: 10 mm, 2 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm

Type: Carbon Steel Bar

Application: Structural Steel Bar, Building structure, automobile manufacturing etc.


Steel Grade: Mild steel

Technique: Hot Rolled

Alloy or Not: Non-alloy

Special Use: Free Cutting Steel

Section Shape: Round

Certification: ISO, BV, SGS

Size: 10 – 32 mm

Material: Mild steel, alloy steel

Packaging: Bulk cargo, container, standard packaging

OEM services: Cutting & epoxy coated

Cutting Length: From 300 mm to 600mm

Product Name: Pre – cutting epoxy coated dowel bar


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